Durable, Energy-Efficient, and Secure

Thermal Gard windows are the best combination of beauty and function

We proudly bring to you a line of beautiful, quality new construction and replacement windows. Our windows are designed to be durable, energy-efficient and secure. Premium insulated glass packages are available. Whatever aesthetic fits you, we can design it.

Triple Insulated Glass

What is Triple Insulated Glass?

Choosing Triple Insulated Glass means you’re choosing the best windows for your home. They offer superior energy-efficiency, are virtually maintenance-free, and have exceptional security. 

Safeguarded by three layers of glass panes, each Thermal Gard window chamber is filled with Argon gas and a Super Spacer. The low conductivity of Argon gas means it insulates better than air, and our Super Spacer gives you reduced heat loss, warmer glass temperature, and reduced interior condensation.

For safety and security, Thermal Gard windows feature a deadbolt locking system, plus with three panes of glass they are virtually impossible to break into.

No Metal Window

The NO-Metal Advantage
There is no presence of conductive metals in our Thermal Gard windows.

Vapor Barrier

10-Layer Vapor Barrier
With a thick, strong barrier, moisture is kept out while gas stays in. 

Bow Resistant

Withstands Normal Bowing
Bending and bowing is natural in any glass unit—these windows are designed for it.

Noise Reduction

Enhanced Noise Reduction
Enjoy peace and quiet, even in industrial settings, with ultimate sound-dampening.

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