Top 3 Benefits of Decorative Glass

Your front door is the centerpiece of your home, and we want to help you make it look its best. Custom decorative glass would be a simple way for homeowners to add an elegant detail to enhance their premium windows upgrade and showing off those high quality product home additions.

Some of the decorative glass benefits include:

Unique design choices

Our decorative glass is a ProVia exclusive add-on that is artistically designed by our highly skilled craftsmen. It is offered in a variety of unique glass choices that are cut and soldered to your liking. Decorative glass is structurally stable and comes in the form of textures, waves, air bubbles, and other naturally made effects.
ComfortTech Options
(Photo from Provia Website)

ComfortTech™ warm edge glazing

In addition to being characteristically distinctive, all decorative glass includes ComfortTech warm edge glazing. Warm edge glazing will measurably boost your home’s thermal performance, so you can enjoy better energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Invest in an Impact Shield

In addition to warm edge glazing, an impact shield is also available. Impact Shield products are made of laminated glass that is able to withstand debris and other harsh forces. This helps to protect your family and home against harsh storms, and it also deters burglars from attempting to enter your home.

Decorative glass is available in many different designs that will aid in adding another layer of privacy to your home. Contact us or check out our online catalog to see which decorative glass design would best suit you.

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